The digital marathon

By Nikki-leigh Piper, Hellomotion Producer

I have this thing about running. About seeing how far I can go and for how long. It has very little to do with miles and hours, it’s about pushing physical boundaries and more importantly – mental boundaries. Fighting back when all the walls go up telling you to stop. Telling you that you can’t do this. Telling you to give up. In that moment I am inspired to push back and to do more. That is when the real challenge comes into play. That’s what keeps me stimulated and makes me feel alive.

I joined the Hellomotion team 2 months ago with that same goal in mind.

I see so many people becoming comfortable with the day-to-day run of the mill tasks and their work life becoming like a conveyor belt. It’s so easy to lose the ability to be stimulated. You stop trying as hard as you used to. Remember your very first job and how excited-and-terrified-as-hell you were? Remember how alive you felt? I long for that thrill.

The downward spiral heading to complacency is a dangerous place to be… in the digital age we need to continually push ourselves to limits that we previously thought impossible.

Hellomotion is where we do exactly that – we push boundaries. We take ideas that sound insane and bring them to life. Where you think ‘that can’t be done’. And we push back.

I have seen some amazing work produced here… you know that moment when you watch something on screen and it captures you in such a way that you find yourself smiling without even realising it? Those are goose-bump moments. Those are moments that stick with you. And those are moments that my team creates.

The challenge to look forward to is knowing that boundaries are not there to contain you… but to inspire you to achieve more. To be more.

At Hellomotion I know I’ve found that place.

So in the end what am I actually saying?

Keep an open mind. Always. Don’t be so set in your ways that you can’t think beyond what is set in front of you. It always amazes me how conditioned we are to eating breakfast in the morning, lunch at 1pm and dinner around 7pm. Society told us that this is how things go and so we believe it. And then there’s the power of the stop street! That little stripe on the road that forces you to stop… it’s just paint! I’m not telling you to go and run red lights and cause havoc… but every now and then just take a step back and try and look at things from a different perspective. You’ll be amazed at how boundaries can be pushed.