Microsite & Social Media

The Challenge

South African men don’t really like to ‘chat’, and especially not about their testicles. The Cancer Association of South Africa wanted to increase the chance of early detection by getting South African men to talk about the risk of Testicular Cancer.

The Solution

South African men spend over 5 hours a day online. To get their attention and get them talking, we created some of the hairiest, wrinkliest spokespeople around – talking testicles.

With branded content on Social Media, we let our balls do the talking – sharing their frank stories of Testicular Cancer survival, and challenging guys to #havetheballs to talk about it too.

We also did a couple of celebrity shout-outs, just to get them to take notice. And it was hard not too, word spreading far and wide.

testimonials social media posts

But this media wasn’t just to create conversation, it was also to educate our guys a little more – which is why we pushed them to our Microsite, where our 3D balls answered 17 awkward questions. Questions CANSA had informed us were most commonly asked. And if they were brave enough, they could share the answers back to their Social feeds.

testimonials microsite

The Results

Turns out, our guys were open to talking about testicles. Over 500 000 visited the microsite and earned us over R1 Million in earned media in the first week.

And with a 33% increase in visitors to the site each month, we know that South African men are learning more about their own balls whilst listening to ours.

testimonials results