Social Feed

Feeding hungry kids with Social Media.

The Challenge

We spend a lot of time sharing content on our Social Media pages, like foodie pictures, ads, competitions and grumpy cats. And brands spend a lot of money buying media, giving us things to share. But what if we shared something that could actually make change happen? And what if brands bought media that could make a real difference – like feeding hungry children a warm, nutritious meal every single day?


What if there was a way we could share meals with those who really need it, by simply doing something we already do every single day?

The Idea

Social Feed, where the more you share, the more meals are shared with those who need them.

We have developed a new media platform that literally turns media budgets into feeding budgets. So, every time someone shares from the platform, to their newsfeed, a meal is shared with a child who needs it, through the Peninsula School Feeding Association.

How it works

The process is simple


A brand buys media with Social Feed and gives us an Ad they want shared.


Each time someone shares the ad from the platform (desktop and mobile) to their Facebook or Twitter page, the brand gives a portion of money to the PSFA to feed kids.


This happens until the brand’s investment is up.

So, the brands get the exposure they paid for, people get a say in who benefits from their newsfeeds (other than Facebook), and the PSFA get money to feed more kids.

The platform is also open source so that other non-profit organisations can benefit from this self-sustaining system too.


Every share is equivalent to R2, which is what it costs to feed one child.

In Conclusion

Since Social Media platforms sell our networks to brands anyway, now we are just allowing people to sell their own networks to support this good cause. So, the brands get exposure, consumers get a say in who buys their social network, and we get to feed children in need.

The Results

The campaign was only launched on the 14th November 2014, but already we have five key brands involved:

Which makes Social Feed a new way to fill up our newsfeeds, while filling up some very hungry tummies.