Outdoor Website

The Challenge

The rugged Toyota RAV4, a compact SUV, is built for the guys who spend their free time hiking, cycling and jogging, and not behind their computer screens surfing the net. But if our outdoor adventurers are on the cycling trails, how will they explore the new RAV4 website, to find out it’s the vehicle for their adventurous lifestyle?

Our Solution

We took the online website to them

We built the website along a 1,8km outdoor cycling trail, featuring the various sections of the RAV4 website: Models, Safety, Interior, Design and Book a Test Drive. Our target market could use their mountain bike as a cursor, and navigate the RAV4 Outdoor Website, as they would have the online version.

The Execution

We chose to house the premium journal on a Microsite, which was the most efficient way to bring it to life, and make it as uncomplicated for the target market as possible (all of whom are used to browsing microsites daily). The site was fully responsive, so that our busy target market could browse it on all devices.


When cyclists peddled towards a browser bar, they triggered an infra-red sensor that would cause a motor to turn, resulting in a menu state change. This showed the cyclist the section they were in.


In each section, cyclists were met with a choice of two buttons. Depending on which one they hit, it would cause the relevant state change button to turn, and using pumps, motors and other hacked appliances, would “load” the selected content.


Each section had a Twitter button, allowing cyclists to live-share their experience on the track, as well as more information about the new RAV4 with their followers.


A refresh button towards the end of the outdoor website would reset the entire track when triggered, ready for the next cyclist. More than that, it would quite literally “refresh” the cyclist too by triggering a sprinkler system.


As per most online websites, the RAV4 Outdoor Website had a competition component oot. Triggering a button to enter the competition, a ticket would be fed out of a large tree stump. All the cyclist had to do was test drive the new RAV4 in the car park to stand a chance to win a large Cycle Lab voucher.


The entire real-life adventure was also put online, to literally turn it into an “outdoor website”. Users could also exchange their mouse for a mountain bike and have the same experience as the cyclists did, but from behind their screens (between 9 and 5, of course).

The Results

So after 43 000 views on YouTube, 321% increase in website views, plenty of blog mentions, Tweets from some of SA’s top sportsmen, and 324 test drives over the period, we made sure our target market knew that with the new Toyota RAV4, the adventure never ends.

44 000 +

Youtube views

321 %

Increase in website
with the new RAV4 the outdoor adventure never ends