Results driven design solutions

Project Overview

Since the launch of the newly revamped in 2015, there has been remarkable results in the website’s performance including a 110% increase in test drives. Our task was to enhance overall user experience to assist in increasing conversions over and above the success of version 2.0 launched in 2015.

The Solution

With the platform recently been built, our budget catered for subtle enhancements that would make a significant difference to the results.

To achieve this we focussed our attention on the key performance indicators (test drives, dealership contacts and brochure downloads) to conduct an extensive UX audit. Our UX audit consisted of data analysis, heuristics evaluation and best in class analysis.

Crafting the experience

Utilising the findings from the data analysis, we were able to pinpoint key problem areas of the website as well as gather further insight into the target markets online behaviour. Our heuristics evaluation identified improvements to address the problem areas and assisted in creating a seamless user experience. The best in class analysis uncovered international trends that equipped us with industry leading solutions.

Lexus the pursuit of perfection

Our data driven design approach as described above led us to the following enhancements:

Lexus Separating content navigation from utility
Lexus Interface Styling
Lexus Secondary CTAs
Lexus Tertiary CTAs
Lexus Bespoke mobile solutions
Lexus Bespoke Mobile Solutions 2
Other areas of improvement
Lexus the Pursuit of Perfection

Technology & innovation

To ensure immediate content updates, all vehicle information including prices are directly linked to the client stock management system. Working off the existing framework, we optimised all scripting languages to enhance load time and brought through CSS animations to bring the interface to life. We also implemented various navigation behaviours to aid the browsing experience when scrolling within a page.

Lexus HTML CSS JS icons

Furthermore, we implemented advanced tracking methods to gather a deeper understanding on our audience’s online behaviour, this included heatmap tracking, form tracking and vehicle categorisation event tracking.

The results

In 3 months of launching V2.5 (4 July 2016 – 4 October 2016) we achieved the following results:

451% increase in test drives
506% increase in dealership enquires
26% increase in brochure downloads

Other improvements include a 7.2% increase in returning visits, 121.13% increase in user sessions, 18.27% increase in page views and 126.46% increase in mobile usage.

In conclusion, we were able to exceed our KPIs through cost effective design and development solutions without having to rebuild an entirely new website.