The Journal

Making pages come to life online


The Investec Journal, produced by the Investec Institute, is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind book with rare opinion pieces written by some of the world’s top economists. Traditionally sent via hardcopy to only a handful businessmen, they hope the articles encourage them to think differently about their future investments.

The challenge

After great reviews, Investec were keen to broaden their audience, but due to high costs, wanted to move away from the hardcopy book and instead develop a digital version. Thing is, the digital version still had to maintain the same exclusive, intricate and well-thought-out feel, while being even more immersive, all the while making sure the navigation and platform is simple to use for a target market who, even though incredibly investment-literate, are not so technically savvy.

How can we make an online site
mean as much as the real thing?

The execution

We chose to house the premium journal on a Microsite, which was the most efficient way to bring it to life, and make it as uncomplicated for the target market as possible (all of whom are used to browsing microsites daily). The site was fully responsive, so that our busy target market could browse it on all devices.


Editorial Layout

We extended the publication online with a powerful and visually appealing editorial layout, sticking to the theme of the hardcopy. In order to maintain its editorial style, we used bold headlines, pull-quotes and modular columns.

To make the navigation as simple as possible, our headlines were highlighted with sub-copy, making sure that the target market could easily select their pieces of interest.


Integrated Animation

We brought the headlines, key-thoughts and imagery to life with typographic images, animation and video integration.


in-text twitter sharing

To make it even more relevant, we incorporated an in-text sharing feature where users can simply highlight a phrase and share it via Twitter, we also added a Twitter feed.


Chapter Navigation

Off-canvas navigation, accessible from anywhere within the site made it easy for the user to quickly navigate between each chapter.


Expanding Predictive Search

An expanding, predictive search bar suggested chapters and articles similar to your search input.


The Results

The key objective of this site wasn’t to have as many users as possible, but rather have the niche target market it was sent to engage and enjoy their experience.


With the key objective of the Journal microsite being to offer exclusive high-end individuals an alternate and more contemporary means of digesting the publication, the Journal was only sent to 2000 people, with 1491 visiting the site.

More than half of them were able to quickly navigate through the sections, easily finding their pieces of interest.

Their average session was 3:35 minutes, which meant the immersive content was being taken in by the visitors of the microsite.

And the true sign of succes was that out of the 75% who visited the site, 60% returned to enjoy more reading.

Having brought the journal to life in an imaginative way
has ensured we continue doing it for journals to come.