The Glenlivet Cipher


The Challenge

The Glenlivet Cipher is the world’s most mysterious single malt whisky: a black bottle, no tasting notes, no cask information. Instead, The Glenlivet Cipher puts all the senses to the test in order to decode its secrets. But as with any limited edition, there’s limited stock. So, we decided to test our target market to see if they had what it takes to decode it, earning the chance to buy this unique bottle.

As with any limited edition,
there's limited stock


The Solution

Partnering with, an online liquor retailer, we used their system to send out a mailer just as mysterious as the limited edition itself.

At first glance, it seemed like an ordinary mailer announcing the arrival of The Glenlivet Cipher. But on closer inspection revealed a challenge, and for those smart enough to decipher the code, they discovered a new, hidden message rewarding the super sleuths with the chance to click through and buy the limited edition bottle to decipher the whisky for themselves.


The Results

Out of the 10 000 people we sent it to, nearly 2000 people opened it and were made aware of the launch of the limited
edition bottle.

And out of those, 156 deciphered the code

and clicked through to purchase. And out of the 24 Limited Edition bottles
we had in stock, its no mystery all were sold.

Sold out in under 2 hours