Facilitating collaboration with a sound-driven contest 

When Wikimedia wanted to co-create their new voice-search Sound logo with the world, HelloComputer created a platform to inspire and facilitate sound jingle submissions to find the Sound of All Human Knowledge. 

The platform educated and facilitated the creation of a sound jingle with informative links to Wikipedia, inspired people with sound-driven user experience design, facilitated an easy submission process and created further mass awareness and engagement with easy-to-vote capabilities. 

full width banner wikimedia

Blending technology and creativity

Wikimedia's new voice-search sound logo incorporates a distinct blend of technology and creativity, providing an audio signature for one of the world’s largest online encyclopaedias. Our platform effectively educates users on how to create their own sound jingles, while also inspiring them with an engaging user experience design that encourages exploration and discovery throughout their creative journey

3 4 side banner wikimedia


Through our collaboration, Wikimedia was able to bring their vision to life by co-creating this remarkable sound logo that reflects their mission of providing "access to the sum of all human knowledge." The innovative creative process utilized in this project has helped to effectively communicate their brand identity and message to their audience.

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