Enabling the management of over 200 Toyota dealerships in Southern Africa

Empowering Toyota South Africa, to help their over 200 independently managed dealerships, promote their vehicles and services on the back of the Toyota South Africa digital infrastructure.

Simplifying business operations with automation

Toyota vehicles have become deeply embedded in South African culture, just like the passionate people who drive them. With hundreds of dealerships around the country, managing dealership websites proved to be quite a task for Toyota, and we stepped in and offered a valuable solution.

4 side bannertoyota dealerships


We designed a system for Toyota to help solve their business management and efficiency problems. The solution included a content management system and automation to reduce the need for support and maintenance, while still staying true to the master brand user journey.


The amount of Toyota dealerships in South Africa who have access to the website we created to assist them in problem solving and to find better solutions in reaching their target market.


As one of Toyota’s line of luxury sedans, SUVs, coupes and hybrids, Lexus has an additional 30 dealerships in South Africa, adding to Toyota’s growing automobile family.


Thanks to our assistance in simplifying Toyota’s business operations with automation, Toyota improved their sales and took 25.4% of South Africa’s car market share.

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