Unspend and save tax free

The socio-economic reality in South Africa is not very conducive to a Culture of Saving. The struggle to make ends meet is real and most of us just end up with more month at the end of our money. Old Mutual needed to refresh their Tax Free Savings campaign in order to deliver online sales and drive revenue.

In a country where paying for basic necessities is so difficult, a fundamental shift in perception was required. We listened to actual online conversations and found that people felt that saving was too difficult and way beyond their financial reach.

Introducing Unspend…

A very simple campaign idea that demonstrated how buying just one less take-away or coffee a week could lead to substantial tax free savings over time. The Unspend concept gave us the platform to introduce people to a brand new way of approaching savings. Instead of asking people to do more, Unspend demonstrated that you could save simply by doing less.

unspend omtfs casestudy v2

Project impact

Our high impact integrated digital campaign significantly boosted the quarter’s results far beyond the campaign key performance indicators.


Exceeded sales target in July


Exceeded sales target in August


Exceeded sales target in September


Increase in sales over a three month period


Old Mutual’s highest ever online sales case count

Services rendered