Enticing investors into the world of Healthcare powered by AI 

Keen Eye offers a user-friendly, web-based pathology image analysis platform that uses deep learning to simplify and optimize processes while scaling up capabilities. Their comprehensive software solution can help accelerate the growth of research and other insights gained from pathology images.

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Revolutionizing pathology image analysis with Keen Eye's Deep Learning-Powered Platform

We showcased Keen Eyes highly specialised Health Technology in the best way possible to ensure a successful seed round with their investors. The solution is robust and informative ensuring the investors had a detailed understanding of what Keen Eye has to offer.

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We provided resources to enhance and elevate their website with key features to make a user's workflow more efficient and to scale up their capabilities faster. Once the web project was completed, the client took over to manage and add additional features to complement the work we've done. With that, they can potentially attract investors interested in the healthcare industry and the potential of AI to improve the efficiency and accuracy of pathology analysis.


Through a 2 step process, Keen Eye’s users are guided through a digital journey, from the specifications to the validation of the AI model. This is all highlighted in our client’s website that we well-crafted, and made visually appealing.


Our services to Keen Eye to create a world-class web platform, users gained access to AI-powered image analysis with our client’s 360 degree approach: cross-study, all therapeutic areas and multi-modality.


Once we completed elevating Keen Eye's presence in the industry through the website, they have since incorporated 2 additional add-ons to the platform: an App Catalogue and a Book A Meeting feature. These additional features further enhance the user's experience and make it more convenient for them to access the information and tools they need.

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