Helping financial advisors add value and easily do more business 

Generation Life’s advisors are sources of expert advice and innovative financial tools for uncertain consumers. This stakeholder group’s online portal was built to be intuitive and flexible enough to fully support any advisor with a multitude of solutions for any client. The platform was built to make sign-up, information capturing and predictive analysis simple and shareable with the client, making sure the platform empowers the advisor to make the experience for the client valuable. 

Over AUD$1.7 billion under management

The advisor portal is an investment tool which allows them to calculate returns, and scenarios, view and process transactions for all of their clients. It also allows people to be direct investors, allowing the public to open and manage their platforms.

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Security was of the utmost importance to this platform. As such this was a major focus for Hellocomputer from the beginning while ensuring a greater Return of Investment for Generation Life

Platform received A grade in Vulnerability scans

We implemented secure authentication platform with One Time Pin (OTP), All solution data only accessible via secure authorized connection keys and we implemented a robust Web Application Firewall policy.

Platform maintains 99% uptime

Implemented geo-failover and redundancies in a Sydney and Melbourne Microsoft data centres. Two redundant Microsoft App Services running behind one Microsoft Azure Front Door Load Balancer in each data centre. MongoDB Cloud Atlas databases running three clusters with regional failover in both Sydney and Melbourne data centres

Saved over AUD$10 000 in physical print costs

We built a automated notification solution for this system which will send investment statements as emails instead of requiring Generation Life to print and post them.

Services rendered