Emphasizing the beauty of gardens & how to maintain its appeal

Efekto creates innovative solutions for the gardening market, investing in finding ways to enhance the consumer's gardening experience and bring their gardens to life. Whether offering advice on preventing pest invasions or providing a range of pet-friendly pest control products to keep pets safe, Efekto is dedicated to providing solutions to keep gardens beautiful and pet-friendly.

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Enhancing gardening skills with technology

We were approached to design and build a mobile/tablet app for iOS and Android for Efekto consumers to easily use the platform to identify pest problems, access gardening tips, and a seasonal gardening guide. From herbicides and fungicides to adjuvants, we categorized a range of Efekto's product catalogue for users to easily find the ideal product to solve their gardening issue. Additionally, we created a feature for users to take a photo and upload it, sending it to an expert for help in identifying issues and providing solutions with a response expected within 24 hours.

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With over 200 products available, Efekto's user-friendly interface allows users to easily browse and find the right product for their needs.


To make the user's browsing journey seamless, we created 6 tiles for easy navigation, including products, gardening calendar, and pest identification.


To cater to the growing popularity of online shopping, we integrated an online retailer section for users to find gardening products. This section includes popular retailers such as TakeAlot, which is among the 3 online retailers.

Services rendered