Data-driven lead generation

Automark is the Certified Pre-Owned vehicle segment of Toyota South Africa Motors, with the objective to ensure our customers get the necessary choice, convenience and transparency when they buy or trade-in pre-owned vehicles.

The task over and above improving general user experience was to increase hard leads on the website, in the form of vehicle enquiry submissions and phone call enquiries.

Data-driven approach

To achieve our objectives we conducted thorough data analysis that included form funnels, user recordings and heatmapping technology to identify current user behaviour. This approach led to the key insight that users within the used car market are hesitant to commit to a test drive. This insight guided us in streamlining the journey to conversion.

approach automark casestudy v2

Crafting the experience

Heatmapping and user recordings data revealed the journey of the users on the website, this guided us to simplify the homepage search and strip out fields that users weren’t engaging with. Once we made it easier for users to get to their vehicle of interest, we adjusted the “Book a test drive” call to action to “Enquire now” which drove visits to our lead form. Now that we had our users on the lead form, we removed fields that had the highest drop off rates and let the users get right to it.

Another discovery from past user behaviour was that there are two types of users that convert, one that prefers online communication and others that prefer contacting a sales person directly. To increase phone call enquiries we adjusted the visual hierarchy of the click to call function across various pages to make the option more accessible.

experience automark casestudy v2

Project impact

Our data driven approach and insights on the online user assisted in cost effective enhancements that delivered great return on investment for the client, as well as a change in user behaviour. Ninety days post launch we achieved impressive results.


Increase in vehicle enquiries


Increase in click to call events


Increase in returning visitors

Services rendered