Addressing financial needs

Our goal was to assist our client in elevating the Alexander Forbes Thought Leadership Web Platform, which highlights the financial services industry and how Alexander Forbes can address the needs of South Africans, including money matters and the right solutions to reach financial success.

Component Driven Development

A component based website allowed Alexander Forbes content creators come up with many unique ways to represent the content required by the Thought Leadership Platform. A robust system that caters for a multitude of content compositions.

4 side banner alexander forbes research institute
full width banner alexander forbes research institute


We created a design system and library of components for the project, and worked closely with the client to ensure that the design and content were on-brand and met the objectives of their web project. 


We built 20 components and were able to upload the entire Alexander Forbes search institute articles in unique and different ways.


We received a score of 95% on Google Lighthouse for performance.


By achieving our goals and ensuring Alexander Forbes's needs were met when we revamped their website, it's evident that we were a part of our client's growth success, with an increase of 21.9% in earnings per year for the next 3 years.

Services rendered