My views on agency life

By Alison Van Minnen, Digital Media Ad Operations Manager

My journey at Hellocomputer began in May 2015. Previously, I worked for a very small company that represented various media owners (how I miss the days of being the youngest in the office). It’s been a challenge adapting to the culture and atmosphere at Hellocomputer, but it has, however, been a welcome change.

Life at a media agency is quite different to working in publishing. I joined having no idea what agency life would be like, and I could never have imagined what goes on behind the scenes. Comparing being in publishing to what I’m doing now, I’ve realized that publisher life was actually quite simple. I feel like my eyes have been opened, and I’m blown away at how each department at Hellocomputer plays its own part in running a campaign from start to finish.

I’ll never forget sitting in on a brainstorming session in my first week, and staring wide-eyed at these people whose heads were just exploding with ideas. My department, Hellomedia, is currently very small, but my team is amazing. Each of us is able to offer valuable input, and to witness such teamwork is inspiring. My new role has really helped to expand my knowledge of the industry, and I learn more and more every single day. Advertising on major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google is constantly evolving and I’m excited to see where this road takes me and my career.

My job in Ad Operations is a constant challenge, and finding processes that work best for all involved is difficult, but I do, however, believe I’m making progress. I’ve found that these three coping mechanisms help me:

1. Manage your time

Time is precious. I find that working on tasks in pieces means you don’t get things done nearly as fast. My advice: make a list, and prioritize it. Work your way down that list. You will notice that it’ll most likely never end as new tasks constantly are added, but crossing them off offers a feeling of accomplishment.

2. Breathe

Occasionally, you may have a terrible day, and be stressed to the point of bursting into tears, or tearing your hair out. The best thing to do is ask yourself “Will this matter a few weeks from now?” The most likely answer is no. Getting stressed isn’t going to solve the problem. Take a step back, and breathe. Tackle the problem 30 minutes later.

3. Love your job

You know what they say: if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!