How can brands act their age online?

How can brands act their age online

We’ve now reached a point where almost every company or brand worth talking about has a social media presence, from sneakers to anti-dandruff shampoo, and each of them need their own distinct digital voice. With branded content competing for attention on the same timelines as friends and relatives, it’s crucial that the messaging has an air of confidence and consistency to make it stand out. Here are some best practice tips to help brands stay in their lane.

How Brands Act Their Age How Do You DoStrive to be on trend, not trendy

Being informed on current audience behaviours and the newest media formats is one thing, using words like ‘woke’, ‘fam’ and ‘lit’ is a whole other story. You want to know your audience, not impersonate them. Chasing after the latest memes and trying to force yourself into topical issues will often lead you to getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t spam people

Be sure that whatever you’re putting out there is building up a conversation, and not simply repeatedly driving home the same one-liner over and over again. A high number of impressions does not necessarily equate to effective marketing. Without having relevant content that adds value to your intended audience, you’ll quickly become an annoyance.

Where’s the Beef?

Taking on competitors online can be a fun way to get people talking, but it can make you seem petty or even cruel if done in poor taste. It’s far more important to focus on your own strengths than trying to bring other brands down.

Take responsibility

Being right and never making mistakes is a fantastic way to go about things, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. If someone has a grievance with something the brand has said or done, the worst thing you could do is shut them down or ignore them. Use it as an opportunity to listen and take those learning forward to avoid repeat offenses.

Even some of the biggest brands have lapses in judgment, but if you learn from your mistakes, stay on message and avoid unnecessary conflicts you’ll always be able to bounce back.