We create vibrant, meaningful content to make your brand live out loud.

Our Services

3D Animation

Our team of directors, animators and designers approach animation a bit like mad scientists: with the right mix of fanatical devotion to craft and a wild curiosity. We make things that move – whether it’s 2D, 3D or a mixture of both – we use our core animation skillset to bring animation to life. Our post-production capabilities include character animations, CGI, user journeys and branded content.

Motion Graphics

With so much information available all the time, it’s fast becoming less about what’s being said and more about what’s being understood. Our design-driven approach to graphics creates work that’s as compelling as it is beautiful. Leveraging off some of the best design talent in the industry, our motion graphics department caters for everything from explainer videos to entire channel rebrands.


From film to final product, our edit suite makes the process of live action storytelling that little bit easier.

Sound Design

Just like how the soundtrack can help make or break a movie, sound design helps tell the other half of a story.  Our sound design capabilities make sure that your vision can be seen even with your eyes closed.


We work with some of the best illustrators in the industry, and it shows. Our illustrators can translate any idea into any medium, whether it’s for eye-catching Cell C billboards or helping start-up apps get off the ground and understood. From print to explainer vids, we can illustrate it.


Sometimes nothing tells a story better than a cinematographer and their camera. With the right eye and know-how, we make the stories that aren’t easy to forget – the sort of movies that move you and stay with you for a while.


We’re in a visual age and as the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Whether it’s lifestyle imagery or billboard campaigns, we create the images that tell compelling brand stories in a way stock imagery simply can’t.

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