10 Halloween moments in Advertising

10 Halloween moments in Advertising

By @MadreRoothman, Digital Strategist

A little something to end the week off with, and tickle your fancy: 10 moments in advertising our Cape Town studio finds scary, and applicable for Halloween.


1. Meetings after 1 pm. On a Friday.

Friday Meetings


2. When the bar bell doesn’t ring on time.

Bar bell


3. Realizing you haven’t logged time-sheets. For three weeks. And it’s month end.

demi levato


4. When the internet cuts off.

internet off


5. When you walk into the wrong conference room.



6. When you think you’ve finished a project, and then it re-appears. On a Friday. During bar time.



7. When you have to dial into a teleconference. And you forgot your dial-out code.



8. Feedback on a project. At 5pm.

friday feedback


9. When acronyms are used in meetings and everyone knows its meaning. Except you.


10.  When you have to “increase the text size”, but there’s that 20% Facebook rule.